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Millenium Nursing Agency (MNA) is an Ohio based Company whose business is in providing home health care to people in their individual homes, and providing short & long term staffing needs to several facilities.

MNA was established in 2003 by a team of dedicated health care workers whose personal commitment to quality allows them to offer distinctive superior home care and facility staffing personnel.

MNA focus is partnering with clients / families to enhance their care in a cost effective manner based on their specific needs..

Millenium Nursing Agency evolved from marketing research that showed health care facilities staffing needs fluctuates.  Due to budget constraints, hospitals, nursing homes,  and home health settings are keeping nursing employment based on their census that is staffing up during high census and acuity and staffing down during low census.  Facilities are finding out that it is more economical to staff with agency nurses to handle times of peak census/high acuity  This eliminates the additional cost of training, benefits, sick leaves, vacation, payroll matches and the list goes on.  MNA has access to over 300 Registered nurses, Licensed practical nurses and Nursing assistants and are continually recruiting nurses based on demands.




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